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World Heart Day is observed annually on September 29th to raise awareness about cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and promote heart-healthy lifestyles worldwide. Here’s a brief overview of its history and significance:
World Heart Day was established by the World Heart Federation (WHF), a global non-governmental organization dedicated to the prevention and control of cardiovascular diseases.The first World Heart Day was celebrated in 1999. The date of September 29th was chosen as it marks the anniversary of the foundation of the World Heart Federation, which was established in 1978.

World Heart Day 2023: Theme, history and significance

Importance of heart health

The day serves as a global platform to increase awareness about the importance of heart health and the impact of cardiovascular diseases on individuals and communities. It educates people about the risk factors associated with heart disease and the preventive measures they can take.
The day fosters collaboration among governments, healthcare professionals, organizations, and individuals to work collectively in the fight against heart diseases. It promotes international cooperation in research, prevention, and treatment.

Advocating policies for heart health

World Heart Day also serves as an opportunity for advocates to push for policies and initiatives that promote heart health. This includes advocating for tobacco control laws, healthy food policies, and improved healthcare infrastructure.
It encourages individuals to adopt and maintain heart-healthy lifestyles. This includes advocating for regular physical activity, a balanced diet, tobacco avoidance, and the control of risk factors such as hypertension, diabetes, and obesity.

World Heart Day 2023: Theme, history and significance

Heart diseases kill 18 million people in a year

Cardiovascular diseases are a leading cause of death worldwide. World Heart Day aims to reduce the burden of heart disease by motivating people to make positive changes in their daily habits and by advocating for better access to healthcare services and treatment options.
By providing information and resources on heart health, World Heart Day empowers individuals to take charge of their own well-being. It encourages people to undergo regular health check-ups and seek medical advice when needed.

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