Woman hosts hysterical Halloween party where everyone dressed like a meme

As the surge in Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Halloween costume ideas continues to grow, one woman tried to think outside the box with meme-themed costumes.

Trish Belizaire, who goes by the username @dolledbytrishie on Instagram, posted a video of all of her friends in their meme-inspired costumes, alongside a photo of the meme they tried to emulate. “Last night I had a MEME themed party and as usual, my tribe UNDERSTOOD THE ASSIGNMENT!! Who was your favourite?????” she captioned the post.

Belizaire was dressed up as the viral optical illusion, “The Dress”. To avoid taking a side on whether she thought the dress appeared gold and white or blue and black, she split her dress in half to include both colour schemes.

Another person dressed up as the “guy on the phone” meme, complete with the same teal polo with thin white stripes, khaki pants, and an attitude that screamed: “I’m telling on you.”

Three of her friends all had the same idea to dress up as the iconic Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson meme by wearing a black turtleneck, chain necklace, and a black fanny pack.

More classic memes that were in attendance at Belizaire’s party including the fist from Arthur, “Salt Bae”, and the “confused guy”. Someone also dressed up as Wendy Williams in her Statue of Liberty costume, when she fainted on-air during her talk show in 2017.

Social media users were impressed with the variety of costumes, as one person commented under her post: “Get the dress girl in here we have to know how she did it. We must.” Belizare responded to this comment by mentioning that she purchased the dress off of Yandy.com.

Another person agreed, writing: “This was sooooo good.”

However, there didn’t appear to be a front-runner for the best costume. Still, many people applauded the “guy on the phone meme” and the woman dressed up as Wendy Williams.

Meme-themed Halloween costumes are not a new concept. Last year, social media users began imagining internet-inspired costumes that megastore Spirit Halloween may sell, with people joking about everything from a “social media manager” costume to a “man in Washington, DC” outfit. One iteration of the meme-themed costume included an “unprepared hiker” look, complete with flip flops, a cotton T-shirt, sunburn, an empty energy drink, and “delusions of grandeur”.

Someone else imagined what a costume for “girl that went viral on TikTok once” would entail if it were to be sold by Spirit Halloween. The description for the imagined costume included “got 10k views and won’t shut up about it” and “complains about how she isn’t verified yet”. The store itself even jumped on the meme trend, sharing a “Spirit Halloween Store” costume for its own version of the meme.

According to the photoshopped packaging, the costume included “a store sign for the abandoned building you take over,” the “hopes and dreams of everyone whose childhood store you replaced” and “the will to exist for only three months”.

“Is this too meta?” the store joked.

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