Will Kourtney Kardashian give birth on ‘arch nemesis’ Kim Kardashian’s birthday?

Will Kourtney Kardashian give birth on ‘arch nemesis’ Kim Kardashian birthday?
Will Kourtney Kardashian give birth on ‘arch nemesis’ Kim Kardashian birthday? 

Kardashian fans are speculating that Kourtney Kardashian may have her new baby on Kim Kardashian’s birthday, that is, if she hasn’t already given birth.

Pregnant with her and husband Travis Barker’s firstborn, Kourtney has been taking her fans along the journey through social media over the past few months.

But viewers got impatient and started speculating about her actual due date when the oldest Kardashian sister uploaded another photo on Wednesday in honor of spooktoober, still flaunting a massive baby bump.

“Girl has been pregnant for what feels like two years now,” one user commented.

“She’s gotta be due this month right?!” another posited.

Considering that Kourtney publicly announced her pregnancy in June when she already had a noticeable bump, her due date is expected to be between October and December of this year.

However, people are musing whether baby Barker will arrive on Kourtney’s feuding sister Kim’s birthday on October 21st.

“She gone have that baby on Kim birthday watch [crying emoji],” one user speculated.

“Watch her have the baby on her arch nemesis’s birthday (October 21) lmaooo,” another mused, referring to Kim and Kourtney’s infamous long-time feud, in which the sisters have accused the other of copying them and taking away from their spotlight.

Meanwhile, some fans hoped that the baby, who will be Kourtney’s fourth child and Travis’s third, will be born on Halloween, which would be very apt for the Barkers’ alternative and goth vibe.

Or, it’s entirely possible that baby Barker has already been born and Kourtney wants to wait before she introduces him to the world, following in her half-sister Kylie’s footsteps when she remained tight-lipped about her first pregnancy until after giving birth.

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