Whoopi Goldberg calls out Rachel Bilson for comments about men’s sexual partners

Whoopi Goldberg has criticised Rachel Bilson for complaining about men who have fewer sexual partners.

On her podcast Broad Ideas with Rachel Bilson, The OC actor said that she thinks it’s “weird” if a single man in his 40s has only slept with four partners. “Maybe he’s been in decade [long] relationships, totally respectable,” she continued. “But if he’s single in his 40s and it’s only four and he’s never been in the long term thanks that’s an issue.”

While discussing Bilson’s comments with her fellow co-hosts on Thursday’s episode of The View, Goldberg said: “I don’t understand. To me, if he’s happy with you and you’re having a good time, why are you b****ing?”

Goldberg continued, saying that she found it “odd” that Bilson cares if “he’s had sexual partners — any sexual partner”. She added: “Why is it your business? It’s not your business.”

The longtime co-host also alleged that, in the past, “men traditionally were taught to have many sexual partners” and that they could “do whatever they wanted to do,” but Bilson’s comments indicate a change in social norms, and not necessarily for the better.

Goldberg’s fellow co-host Joy Behar chimed in and added that perhaps Bilson should instead focus on the “quality of the four” partners rather than the “quantity,” as having multiple sexual partners is not always indicative of experience and skill in the bedroom.

Unlike Goldberg, Behar wasn’t as incensed by Bilson’s controversial opinion, and joked to the panel, “If just one out of the four could locate my G-spot, I’m all in! I don’t need thousands of them, give me one good one, right, ladies?”

Meanwhile, the majority of the other co-hosts voiced that they would rather be in the dark than “know anything about ex-sexual partners”.

On her podcast, Bilson and her co-host Olivia Allen typically explore controversial issues revolving around sex and relationships in an unfiltered, frank way. The Hart of Dixie alum credited her blunt and open-minded approach to sex with growing up in a “sex-positive and free” household that made it easier for her to be comfortable with being “open” and “talking about things”.

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