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Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor is readying himself for a role of a lifetime. The actor, who will be seen as a gangster in his upcoming film, Animal, has been hailed by fans and critics for his acting prowess in the recently released teaser of the film. Directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, Animal premises around the torn relationship between father and his son. 

In a recently surfaced 2017 Huffington Post interview of the star, Ranbir could be seen speaking about his own ‘strained’ relationship with his father, the late Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor. In the said tete-a-tete, the Sanju star was discussing his then-releasing film, Jagga Jasoos, alongside Katrina Kaif. The aforementioned film also revolved around the father-son equation, however, it was rather different from Ranbir’s latest venture. 

When asked about his relationship with Rishi, Ranbir had commented, “My relationship with my father is a lot like a formality. That really has become the base of our relationship and that is the dynamic that we share.” He was then asked if the relationship had changed to a more warmer bond. “It hasn’t changed,” Ranbir shared. “There is a lot of love, respect and admiration, but we’re not friends. In Jagga Jasoos, it’s quite the opposite.”

The Rockstar actor added, “It’s about two friends, out of which one is of fatherly age and one is a much younger guy. He is not his biological father, he is his step-father who looks after this orphan boy and then disappears. So, it’s more about love between an old man and a younger boy. It’s not a typical father-son story. There is a lot of love, emotional connection, longing and care between the two. I could not derive that from my father.”

However, Ranbir did mention that he’d like to have a more emotional relationship when he has his own kids someday. “There are a lot of things that I have imbibed from my father that I think my children should also have. There is a certain value system that he has instilled in me but I believe, when you have children, you have to be with them,” the actor, 41, commented. 

“There is a big generation gap between where he came from and where I am going to be. I think the big gap existed in the 70’s and 80’s kids. But I think when I have children, we will be closer,” Ranbir said. 

“I would like for them to tell me anything that they feel and give them the freedom of choosing who they want to be. Obviously, I wouldn’t want to spoil them but motivate and inspire them to make something of their life,” he commented. Ranbir fathers Raha, his only child, with superstar wife Alia Bhatt. 

About Ranbir’s Animal

The teaser starts with Ranbir’s character conversing about wanting to be a father. When asked by his partner if he’d be anything like his own father, he claims his father was the absolute best. This is juxtaposed with a younger Ranbir being slapped relentlessly by Anil. The undoubtedly rocky relationship shared between the father-son duo is set up to become a catalyst for the eventual, titular animal that Ranbir’s character will become.

The audience is made aware of the fact that Ranbir’s character is well-off, and has a “criminal” streak in him, alongside deep-seated resentment for his father. It is, of course, more complex than a classic case of daddy issues, but signs of the same, fuelled by denial or repression, are in place. In a manner that has come to be Sandeep’s modus operandi, the showrunner creates an anti-hero – a wild – well – animal, that cannot be tamed, has unlimited resources and power, and a burning sense of hatred brimming just underneath the surface.

Many aspects of the teaser are reminiscent of Sandeep’s Kabir Singh. For one thing, in the brief interaction shown between Ranbir’s character and his partner, he is dominating, dismissive, and physically threatening. He does not choose violence in the teaser, but his stance is not a peaceful one, as he raises his finger and addresses his partner, demanding she never ask about his father.

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