Viral Video Shows Man Carrying Fridge On Head While Cycling; Internet In Disbelief

Viral videos often introduce us to unusual skills that some people seem to possess. Recently, an Instagram reel showing a person balancing what looks to be a refrigerator on his head, while cycling, has attracted a lot of interest online. In the video shared by @barstoolsports, we see a man pedalling across city streets with the common household appliance placed atop his head. The text on the video reads, “NYC [New York City] is different man”. The caption declares, “Strongest neck in the world.” Watch the full reel here:

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The viral video has received more than 7 million views so far. The comment section has exploded with different types of remarks. While some have been stunned by this feat, others have made some funny jokes. A few also think that the video is fake. Read some of the reactions below:

“This can’t be real? That’s insane”.
“No chance that’s real”.
“Seems to be defying the basic laws of physics”.
“How did he even get it on his head in the first place?”
“Dude got that Kurt Angle neck strength”.
“How brain freeze started”.
“The circus needs to recruit this man ASAP”.
“Great way to stay in shape”.
“Wish my relationship was as strong as his neck”.
“It’s gotta be cake”.
“Is this the same guy who balanced a couch on his head???”

Before this, another type of daring video sparked many funny comments. It showed a skydiver making and eating cereal while suspended mid-air. In the clip, he shows viewers his step-by-step process of preparing the cereal with bananas and milk. “This made my palms sweat,” read a comment. Others joked about the ingredients falling on top of unsuspecting people on the ground. Watch the reel and read the full story here.

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