Videos show captives in Gaza and Israel

The Washington Post has independently verified three videos appearing to show captives held in Gaza and surrounding areas in Israel. Both Hamas and the Israeli military have confirmed that Hamas militants are holding Israeli military personnel and civilians captive, but the total number is unknown.

The Post verified videos from three separate locations, spanning several miles — from Shejaiyia in Gaza to Be’eri, a Kibbutz in southern Israel.

Two of the videos alleging to show captured Israeli citizens appear to have been filmed 8 a.m. local time shortly after the attack, which began around 6:30 a.m. Saturday. They show graphic content.

In one video, from Be’eri, first geolocated on the platform X, armed men in military garb are seen dragging at least five people away from a residential area near the border with Gaza. One of the militants films the scene, and his shadow shows he is holding a walkie-talkie. Two of the captured appear older and thinly dressed. All are barefoot, with their hands tied behind them. Grey smoke rises in the background.

Video posted on Oct. 7 shows at least five captured Israelis being walked through the streets of Be’eri, an Israeli kibbutz near the border with Gaza. (Video: Twitter)

In another video, filmed by a local journalist, Palestinian fighters drive around in pickup trucks, parading captured men through a busy downtown market area in Bani Suhella, Gaza. It is unclear whether the men are alive; they lie in the bed of the trucks, shirtless and immobile. Bystanders film, cheer and run alongside the vehicles. When the trucks slow down, young men draw close and beat the bodies.

Video shared on Oct. 7 and taken by a local journalist claims to show captured Israeli sodlers being driven through crowds in Bani Suhella, Gaza. (Video: Alkofiya/Amr Tabash via Storyful)

Another video first geolocated on X, filmed late morning in Shejaiya, Gaza, shows a woman covered in blood with her hands tied behind her being driven in the back of a vehicle by several armed men. A man with a handgun removes her from the back and forcibly puts her into the back seat. Shouts of “God is great” and nearby gunshots can be heard.

Video posted on Oct. 7 claims to show Hamas militants with a woman covered in blood with her hands tied behind her back being forced in the back of a Jeep. (Video: Twitter)

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