Too Tired To Cook Dinner? Try These 5 Chicken Marinades For A Quick Indian Dinner

Indian dinner recipes: Weekdays can be really tiring, with a super busy schedule leaving us exhausted by the end of the day. In such a situation, cooking dinner for your family is a different ball game altogether. But skipping meals is not even an option on the list. So, what is the best possible solution, you ask? We suggest, planning your dinner beforehand and making arrangements accordingly. You heard us. Some basic meal planning helps you go a long way to enjoy delicious Indian dinner recipes. In this article, we got you some chicken-based Indian recipes that you can prepare beforehand and keep in store. All you need to do is segregate the chicken pieces into smaller portions and marinate them using different ingredients. And yes, you need to store this marinated chicken properly to enjoy traditional Indian food every single day.
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Is It Okay To Store Indian Chicken Marinades In Refrigerator?

Planning and storing pre-cooked or half-cooked meals in the refrigerator is a common practice today. This helps save the time and energy you spend in the kitchen and controls the habit of ordering food from restaurants. But what we often ignore in the process is how the food is stored. It is important to store your food properly to avoid any kind of contamination or risks of food poisoning. As per USDA data, the maximum recommended time to store marinated chicken in a fridge is two days. But if you lock it well in sterilised air-tight container and store it in a freezer, then the Indian chicken marinades can be kept safely for up to four to five days – the idea is to lock the moisture and avoid any kind of contamination.
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Indian Dinner Recipes: 5 Indian Chicken Marinades For Weekday Dinners:

1. Tandoori Chicken Marinade:

Tandoori chicken makes a perfect Indian recipe for a quick weekday dinner. Now, you can prepare tandoori chicken marinade and keep it in store for ready-to-eat tandoori chicken for dinner. All you need to do is, clean the chicken pieces, soak them dry, and mix well with turmeric powder, red chilli powder, and tandoori masala. Transfer the dish in air-tight container and refrigerate. Before eating, mix some lemon juice in the chicken, keep for 30 minutes, and stir-fry on an iron skillet.

2. Chicken Kebab Marinade:

Chicken kebab is one Indian recipe that makes for a perfect meal any time of the day. You can have it as is or pair it with roti and chutney for a wholesome meal. But preparing the kebab mix can be a time-taking affair. This is why we thought of sharing a quick hack to make chicken kebab marinade for a quick Indian dinner recipe. Mince the chicken, finely chopped onion, green chilli and coriander leaves. Mix them all together and add roasted jeera powder, Kashmiri red chilli powder, chaat masala, and store in the refrigerator. The day you plan to make these kebabs, mix an egg, some flour (maida), and salt to it. Give the kebabs their desired shapes and shallow fry. And you have a delicious chicken dinner ready to be relished.

3. Chicken curry marinade:

A simple chicken curry can never fail to win hearts. Pair it with rice, roti, or paratha, chicken curry is one Indian food that always helps you put together a traditional Indian meal. All you need to do is mix ginger, garlic, mustard oil, red chilli, and turmeric with the chicken pieces and store them in the refrigerator. While cooking, add some salt and mix your desired chicken gravy for a perfect Indian dinner recipe.

4. Home-style chicken marinade:

This is possibly one of the most versatile chicken marinade ideas for delicious Indian dinner recipes. All you need to do is clean the chicken pieces and marinate with turmeric, salt, and oil. You can use these pieces in curries, soup, salad, and various Indian recipes.

5. Pepper chicken marinade:

Pepper chicken makes for a delicious Indian recipe to enjoy as is or by adding in a wrap. To prepare the pepper chicken marinade, all you need to do is mix chicken with salt, vinegar, black pepper, and chilli flakes and store it. Now, while cooking, add ginger, garlic, onion, and other ingredients of your choice for a delicious Indian dinner recipe.
Now that you have these Indian chicken marinades handy, we suggest try these ideas and make yourself some delicious Indian recipes every night for dinner.

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