Tom Cruise – one of richest actors in Hollywood with net worth of $600 million: Report

Tom Cruise is considered a top most actor in Hollywood with a net worth of a whopping $600 million, leaving a profound impact on the entertainment industry.

According to a report published by Marca, Tom’s movies have earned $11.5 billion worldwide, keeping the actor as one of the highest-paid and most successful celebrities in the industry.

It is pertinent to mention that none of Tom’s films crossed the $1 billion mark until Top Gun: Maverick that went up to $1.5 billion in global box office earnings in late June 2022.

Tom’s journey from struggling young actor to Hollywood billionaire is beyond belief. The actor’s profits per movie range from a few million to tens of millions of dollars.

Tom Cruise – one of richest actors in Hollywood with net worth of $600 million: Report

As far as assets are concerned, Tom owned plenty of properties around the United States of America over the last few years.

Tom reportedly became the owner of a large mansion in Telluride, Colorado in the mid-1990s when he was married to Nicole Kidman. The property was about 320 acres.

However, in 2010, Tom expanded its runway for arrival of his private jets. It was in 2016, Tom decided to sell the property for about $59 million. The actor was finally able to sell the property for about $39.5 million in May 2021.

Moreover, Tom owned a 10-floor luxury condo in New York City’s East Village which he sold in 2013 for around $3 million.

Not only that, Tom also sold his Beverly Hills estate to Leon Black back in 2016 for $40 million which he purchased in 2006 for $30.5 million when he was married to Katie Holmes.

Meanwhile, Tom owned a G450 private jet that costs around $38,000,000. It is also reported that Tom is one of the biggest donors to Scientology.

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