This Mumbai Cafe Is Run By The Transgender Community, Wins Hearts On Internet

Bambai Nazariya – a cafe located in Mumbai’s Andheri West – has been creating quite a buzz on the internet. Run by transgenders, the place exudes a “Parsi cafe vibe” and is a haven for foodies, offering an array of delectable cuisines. Food bloggers Nikhil and Sanket provided social media users with a mini tour of this cafe. The video was shared on their Instagram handle, Social Ruffian. The cafe’s ‘Naazaraiya Badlo, Naazara Badlega’ theme urges people to “embrace the extraordinary.” “Step into a world of warmth and acceptane, it’s more than just a cafe; it’s an experience,” the food vloggers assured. In the video, we can see three transgender employees – Pihu, Sonia, and Visha – briefing the guests about the functioning and the objective of the cafe.
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Coming to the menu, it is vast, scrumptious, and unique. It has the ability to “transport you to a bygone era”. Bambai Nazariya’s specialty is their pink chai made with the perfect blend of herbs. The flavour bears similarity to Kashmiri Chai, which is “guaranteed to warm your heart” from the first sip.

Hold up, we are just getting started. To “tantalize your taste buds,” the cafe offers a range of delectable dishes that will “leave you craving for more.” From lip-smacking keema pavs, topped with half-fried eggs, to soft and appetizing misal pavs – Mumbai’s staple street food has found its way onto Bambai Nazariya’s food menu. The culinary adventure does not end here. The list also includes perfectly baked croissants, stuffed momos, and melt-in-the-mouth desserts. The duo also savored some rich curry items, sandwiches, and a variety of sodas at the cafe.
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We could also see three specially-abled children working alongside the transgender employees in Bambai Nazariya. With such a wholesome crew working together, we can’t help but agree that “diversity and inclusivity make the world a richer place”. Lauding the unique venture, one social media user wrote, “This is the bharat I want to see in the future.” “Ek cafe aisa bhi,” quipped another. “Tarif-e-kabil” read a comment. Impacted by the cafe’s tagline, a person highlighted, “That last line: Nazariya badlo nazara badlega.

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