Tearful Prince Harry, William’s ‘reconciliation photos’ go viral

Tearful Prince Harry, Williams reconciliation photos go viral
Tearful Prince Harry, William’s ‘reconciliation photos’ go viral

Royal fans seem to be very much excited about King Charles III’s two sons Prince William and Prince Harry’s reconciliation as they have begun to generate the royal brothers’ imaginary photos to describe the situation and feelings at the time of their possible reunion.

There are speculations that King won’t let the two brothers’ feud grow further and may intervene to bring Harry and William, who used to enjoy very close relationship in the past, together again.

Amid speculations and rumours about late Princess Diana’s children’s reunion some of the royal fans have showed off their talent to create the possible heartbreaking moment in pictures, making rounds on the internet.

King Charles’ birthday, which falls on 4th of November, could be a monumental occasion for the royal family as the event could help royal family to put on a united front to send a strong message to the forces of anti-monarchy with their unity.

There are also reports that the King could invite Harry to join him and other members of the royal family, including Prince William, on his auspicious day next month. Fans begin anticipating that celebration will also bring together Harry and William as they express their feelings by the AI-created artwork.

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