Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce romance: Football fans’ opinions unleashed

Travis Kelce’s real football fans seemingly already dreading Taylor Swift and the footballer’s romance.

The football fans of Kelce appear to need a little more persuasion over Taylor Swift, the NFL star’s supposed new love interest.

While Swifties appear to be supportive of Taylor’s new romance, NFL supporters are awaiting one more definitive indication that Travis and Taylor are a legitimate couple.

Fans believe that if Taylor plays in the upcoming game, they are the genuine deal because it will be his birthday on October 5 and the Kansas City Chiefs’ game against the Minnesota Vikings will be on October 8.

There was a heated argument on Reddit about Taylor Swift’s attendance at certain games, specifically at the New York Jets’ stadium in New Jersey. Some fans pointed out that it seems convenient for her to attend games at this location, as it is close to her residence in New York City.

With that in mind, the fan wrote: “If she isn’t at the game it’s a sign this isn’t serious.

“She went to the two games that were most convenient for her. Very unlikely the Chiefs would lose and one of the games being outside NYC on prime time. There’s a chance she doesn’t go to another game,” they added “I think she likes him but doesn’t take him too seriously as a long-term relationship and dating him for a few months worked perfectly for her image and her projects. I just hope he doesn’t get hurt.”

Another took part in the conversation, typing: “I think she doesn’t go to the game because she’s getting over exposed and she can’t even really see him at away game anyway. I don’t think her not going has anything to do with how much she likes him.”

A third chimed in with their point, writing: “She lives in New York, too, along with that big group of celebrity friends she brought. There’s not a real reason to come to Minnesota. And I say this as a Minnesotan with tickets to the game.”

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