Taylor Swift hints Travis Kelce could be ‘the one’?

Taylor Swift hints Travis Kelce could be the one?
Taylor Swift hints Travis Kelce could be ‘the one’?

In Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s romance, all indications suggest that the new connection between the two will eventually become serious. Sources claim that the NFL athlete has won the singer’s heart and “checks all the boxes” to be “The One.”

Swift “was surprisingly attracted to Travis’ all-American jock vibe. She likes everything about him: his swagger, his sense of humour, his taste in clothes and music,” disclosed a tipster to OK Magazine.

“Yes, it’s way too soon, but Taylor thinks Travis could finally be The One,” said the insider.

The source further explained why Travis Kelce, a two-time Super Bowl champion, is the perfect foil for a Grammy Award winner.

“He checks all the boxes, plus ones she didn’t even know she had. He’s the whole package for her, and she’s 100 percent in it.”

The football player is the ideal match for the adored singer since “he’s not intimidated by her fame.”

The NFL star’s earlier comments further support the notion that Taylor Swift is the ideal partner for him. He unveiled on his dating show Catching Kelce that the perfect woman for him would “fit into all aspects of my life. And who will get along with my teammates and their wives.”

Taylor, who just attended both of his NFL games, more than meets this description. The singer was spotted partying with his mother during the first game, and she brought her entire team for the second one, which also included Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Sophie Turner, and even Hugh Jackman.

Travis honoured the Love Story singer’s drudgeries on his podcast: “Shout-out to Taylor for pulling up. That was pretty ballsy.”

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