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When one thinks of wine, regions like Bordeaux, Napa Valley, or Tuscany often come to mind. However, an emerging contender in the world of winemaking is India. Nestled amidst lush landscapes and bathed in abundant sunshine, India’s vineyards are a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered by wine enthusiasts worldwide.

India has a more than 5,000-year tradition of wine employment. According to popular belief, one of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world is the Indian subcontinent. The ancient Vedic texts make mention of “Sura,” a fermented liquid thought to be wine. However, modern winemaking didn’t really take off in the whole country until recent decades.

Ayan Nagpal, Managing Director, Agrocorp, says, “The wine business in India is renowned for its diversity in grape varieties and winemaking technologies. Indian winemakers have skillfully blended local and foreign grape varieties to produce a wide variety of wines that are appealing to a spectrum of cleft palates.”

In India, tradition and innovation are brought together to create wine. While some wineries use cutting-edge technology, others continue to use older, more conventional methods, such as maturing wines in oak barrels. This variety of methods produces a range of wines that includes powerful and robust reds in addition to crisp and refreshing whites.

Exploring the Culinary Experience

Indian vineyards are now offering a whole dining experience in addition to being places to sip wines. “Many wineries have restaurants on-site that provide delicious meals properly complemented with their wines. Indian spices and global culinary methods combine to produce a culinary adventure that enhances the wine-tasting experience. Visitors can enjoy a variety of cuisines, including richly spiced and flavorful traditional Indian food and world cuisine created to go with the wines. In Indian vineyards, the tradition of combining food and wine is elevated to new heights, providing a pleasant sensory experience,” adds Nagpal.

The Future of Indian Wine and Vineyards

Nagpal believes Indian wine and vineyards have a bright and exciting future ahead of them. India has advanced significantly in the winemaking industry over the last several decades, and this upward trend is expected to continue.

“India has a distinct advantage in producing a wide variety of wines due to its different terroirs and climates around the nation. Winemakers are experimenting with different grape varietals and winemaking processes more frequently, which produces wines that can compete on a global scale. It is expected that the Indian wine business will become more well-known abroad as it develops. There is still space for growth and expansion in both the domestic and overseas markets for Indian wines, which have already attracted notice for their high quality and distinctive flavor profiles,” opines Nagpal.

An intriguing component that is gaining notice is the combination of Indian food with wine. Experiences with food and wine pairing are becoming more complex and polished, which adds to the overall attractiveness of Indian wines.

India’s vineyards are more than just locations for growing grapes and producing wine. They stand for a passionate, adventurous, and committed journey that has made India a thriving wine-producing country. Every wine enthusiast can find something new to explore and enjoy thanks to the diversity of terroirs, grape varietals, and winemaking processes.

Vineyard Living

Vineyard living is experiencing a surge in popularity among both investors and travelers alike, marking a fascinating trend in the world of tourism and real estate. This emerging trend is driven by a deep appreciation for the beauty, culture, and sophistication associated with vineyards, making it an attractive option for those seeking unique experiences and investments.

“The Vineyard, a groundbreaking Real Estate project in Bangalore, marks the pioneering emergence of India’s first Managed Vineyard Farm Community built around the concept of having a “vineyard in the backyard.” For the first time in India, a curated community of like-minded people who aspire to own a piece of the wine region of Karnataka,” states Nagpal.

This is a unique farm experience, a place of tranquillity, where you can submerge in nature, spend time with loved ones, invigorate the soul, relieve pent-up stress, and refresh the mind from the rigours of life. The project consists of a well-managed farm with a vineyard in the backyard, with premium and bespoke services.

Another aspect of this trend is the rise of luxury resorts with a vineyard theme. These resorts offer guests an opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of viticulture, providing an authentic experience that includes wine tastings, tours of lush vineyards, and the chance to witness the winemaking process firsthand. Such resorts often boast stunning architecture, upscale accommodations, and world-class dining experiences, making them a magnet for discerning travelers seeking a luxurious escape.

Whether you’re a die-hard wine aficionado or just interested in discovering India’s distinctive flavors, the vineyards in this amazing nation provide a world of joys just waiting to be opened and enjoyed. It asks you to raise a glass and toast to the fascinating world of Indian wine as it takes you on a journey through various terroirs, grape varietals, and winemaking techniques.

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