Selena Gomez dubbed as ‘nightmare’ by Martin Short

Selena Gomez dubbed as nightmare by Martin Short
Selena Gomez dubbed as ‘nightmare’ by Martin Short

Martin Short, Steve Martin, and Selena Gomez on the Only Murders in the Building, had unmistakable chemistry. The Canadian comedian was unsure of how he would react to the former Disney Channel star at their first meeting.

Gomez, 31, was initially thought by Short, 73, to be a “pop princess nightmare” on the mystery series.

“The first day we shot, I had never met Selena. Because of COVID, we’d only Zoomed,” Short told People magazine about the Love You Like a Love Song crooner’s Rare Impact Fund Benefit on Wednesday evening.

He continued: “And I was driving to work and I thought, ‘I wonder what Selena could be like?’ I mean, she could be a nightmare. She could be a pop princess nightmare.”

Gomez’s acting skills disproved the Mulaney star, though.

He went on: “Right away — from the first second we started to the makeup room — it was, like, fabulous. Always on time, always knows her lines. So good, so talented, such a pro — it’s fabulous.”

The third season of the show just ended, and a fourth has already been in works.

The Monte Carlo actress revealed in a June interview with TheWrap that she was worried she wouldn’t be able to get along with Short and Martin, 78.

“I remember when I was leaving LA to go and shoot the first season, I was worried that I’d be a little lonely because I’d be on set and most of the time I would be with Steve and Marty, who I had only met briefly on Zoom,” she divulged. “And the moment I got on set, they made me feel included.”

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