Scandal-ridden Prince Andrew warned of King Charles future move

Scandal-ridden Prince Andrew warned of King Charles future move
Scandal-ridden Prince Andrew warned of King Charles future move

Prince Andrew, who was allowed to remain at Royal Lodge by King Charles following the Duke’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson’s mastectomy, has been warned that he will have to vacate his 30-room mansion ultimately.

The Duke of York will not be able to stay at his luxurious mansion indefinitely despite his reported agreement with his elder brother King Charles, according to royal insiders.

It was reported that Sarah Ferguson and her ex-husband may stay at their royal residence, where they have lived for 20 years, as long as Andrew is able to cover the costs of much-needed repairs on the house.

The disgraced royal has has reportedly spent £200,000 on repairs to the roof of his favourite mansion, although after his annual maintenance grant was slashed.

However, some experts questioned whether the Duke will be able to fund his lifestyle at the property in future.

Andrew, earlier this year, was ordered by the monarch to move out of the Royal Lodge into Frogmore Cottage Рwhich was vacated by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after they relocated to the US following their exit from the royal family.

The 74-year-old monarch’s plans have been postponed after Andrew’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, who’s now recuperating at their home following her mastectomy, was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie’s mom still lives with her former husband despite their divorce in 1996.

Scandal-ridden Andrew, who was always rumoured to be the late Queen’s most loved and most treasured son, was in “no position” to move against his older brother during crisis talks about the Windsor property, royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams told GB News.

The expert compared the situation to Harry and Meghan as they were ordered by King to vacate royal residence following the publication of the Duke’s memoir.

Andrew is hardly in a position to do anything of the kind [release a scathing memoir], according Richard Fitzwilliams.

The Duke’s life is going to be much harder as the Queen, who was his champion, is dead, and King Charles does not seem to show any mercy o him in future.

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