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Saba Qamar has once again graced the spotlight, this time in a mesmerizing and avant-garde fashion for a local brand. In her recent Instagram posts, Saba Qamar revealed her latest fashion venture, aptly titled ‘Space Siren,’ embodying an otherworldly aesthetic. The shoot featured a striking ensemble, showcasing a black bejewelled corset top paired effortlessly with black pants. Complementing the attire were a set of opera gloves and stylish shades.

The styling, meticulously curated by Gulshan Majeed, showcased Qamar’s audacious spirit. Her hair was slicked back in a Y2K-inspired hairdo, with carefully placed strands adorning her forehead. The makeup, executed by Ayan Khan, featured sparkly eyes with subtle, dewy makeup and a nude lip, accentuating her sharp and chiselled features.

The bold and futuristic look captured the attention of numerous social media users, including Indian rapper Badshah and Pakistani actor Azfar Rehman, who couldn’t help but admire her captivating beauty. The photoshoot received an outpouring of positive comments, praising her style and grace. It appears that due to some trolls, though, Saba has turned off comments for her posts.

Saba also shared glimpses of a different outfit from the same shoot. This ensemble featured an all-black look, comprising a stylish blazer and skirt accessorized with chains. Classic shades and elegant old Hollywood waves added a touch of timeless sophistication to her overall appearance. The ensemble was further elevated by statement earrings and chains around her neck and waist.

The caption accompanying the photos exuded confidence with verses that resonated with Saba’s unshakeable spirit. “You thought you’d alienate me I’d flip, I rise from the ashes, just a small dip. Topple me over with your glitchy gimmick? Beat you at your own game, I’m the biggest mimic. I had a few tricks up my sleeve, little did you know. Now take a backseat babe, ’cause it’s a solo show.”

As Saba continues to push boundaries on social media, her fans eagerly await her next next appearance in Serial Killer. Saba was recently seen in Cheekh, Fraud, Sar-e-Rah, Gunah, and Tumhare Husn Ke Naam.

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