Rujuta Diwekar Recommends Eating Meal In Sukhasana Position: Here’s Why

Raise your hand if you love eating with your hands. Eating with hands is more than a tradition. It is a choice that screams healthy from a mile-and-a-half away. As per Ayurveda, sitting on the floor and consuming a meal using your hands only adds value to the meal. As per the ancient system of medicine in India, each finger of our hand represents an element and when we use our hand to consume a meal, the elements get activated and contribute to the well-being of our body. Recently, celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar took to social media to stress the importance of small yet consistent efforts in our daily routines. She states that one should consume at least one meal while sitting on the floor in ‘Sukhasana’ (cross-legged) position. And of course, eat that meal with your hands! 

Explaining her statement in the Instagram video, she highlighted the advantages of adopting the ‘Sukhasana’ (cross-legged) position while eating – it helps improve our posture, and our focus on eating and prevent overeating amongst others. 

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Benefits of eating in a Sukhana position:

1. Posture correction:

According to the nutritionist, adopting the Sukhasana position contributes to an improved posture by aligning the spine and squaring the shoulders. 

2. Prevents overeating:

Sukhasana also promotes increased focus and attention during meals, reducing the possibility of overeating. 

3. Better digestion:

Sukhasana facilitates better blood flow to the stomach, aiding in the improved assimilation of nutrients and fostering overall digestion. 

4. Better mobility:

Sitting in a cross-legged posture offers a range of benefits for the body, promoting mobility, flexibility, stability, and strength in the lower body. This position encourages a natural and comfortable alignment of the legs and hips, enhancing overall flexibility. It also engages and strengthens various muscle groups in the lower body, contributing to improved stability and strength. 

As an added recommendation, the expert also encouraged the act of eating with our hands.

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How to sit in a Sukhasana position?

– Begin by finding a quiet and comfortable place to sit, free from distractions.

– Sit on the floor with your legs extended

– Cross your legs at the shins, bringing your feet towards your pelvis.

– Place each foot beneath the opposite knee. The tops of your feet should be resting on the floor.

– Keep your back straight but not stiff. Align your head and neck with your spine.

– Rest your hands on your knees, either in a specific mudra or simply with palms facing up or down.

Bonus Tips:

Week 1: Begin sitting in Sukhasana during one meal every day.

Week 2: Change the cross of your legs to balance the posture.

Week 3: Extend the practice to sitting on the floor for one meal a day.

Week 4: Rotate the cross of your legs as you eat sitting on the floor.

Week 5: Gradually increase the frequency of sitting in Sukhasana for meals, working towards making it a regular habit.

Eat healthy, stay fit!

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