Prince William’s ‘confidence’ broken with Prince Harry’s ‘consistent betrayal’

Prince William may never be able to confront Prince Harry about any of the allegations the latter made in the past without running the risk of it being released to the public.

Royal expert Duncan Larcombe spoke to The Sun and said that the Duke of Cambridge likely felt frustration over the fact that he could utter a single word to his brother, who has gone on record to air some extremely private moments of his older sibling.

“William’s real headache is that he can’t get in touch with his brother without risking the contents of any conversation they have being made public. It is a real frustration for him and it totally ties him up.”

Larcombe added that the ‘consistent betrayal’ was a cause of ‘headaches’ for the Duke of Cambridge thus, he would never be able to share his emotions without risking his brother telling the public.

As a result, Larcombe believed that it ‘broke’ Prince William’s ‘confidence’. 

“It’s one thing having a row with your sibling, it’s not uncommon in any family, but in this particular context, it is a constant betrayal. William can’t make that first move without Harry betraying him and breaking his confidence.”

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