Prince William, Kate Middleton’s latest ‘hollow’ outing reeks of ‘colonial past’

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s latest soiree to kick off their upcoming engagements for Black History Month is ignorant at best and problematic at least.

The Prince and Princess of Wales decided to commemorate Black History Month by visiting the people of Grange Pavilion community centre in Cardiff on Tuesday, Oct. 3.

The twosome put on their best smiles as they greeted and mingled with its members at the highly publicized event.

Writing for, royal expert Daniela Elser expressed William and Kate’s visit is nothing but them “indulging in the great royal tradition of the hollow PR outing.”

The future monarchs’ “shallow” visit and bright smiles did only so much but swiftly sweep the long-standing claims and issues pertaining to monarchy and race under the rug.

Elser pointed out their glaring hypocrisy of refusing to hire a royal staff member who is a person of colour despite being at the position of authority for years.

“What was meant to be a week of feel good moments for the cameras with the occasional embarrassing video of them trying to dance to drums, instead revived the ghosts of the UK’s colonial past,” the royal expert expressed.

She noted that the prince and princess harbor a good chunk of responsibility to “make up serious ground when it comes to race, equality and royalty.”

Elser also claimed that the senior royals have “fallen victim” to the same theatrics as that of Harry and Meghan, which is “talking the talk on certain issues and then failing to back that up with any sort of demonstrable, meaningful action.”

“Race and royalty might be uncomfortable bedfellows for the HRHs left staffing the shop since the departure of the Sussexes, but this situation is only going to become more pressing and urgent in the years to come,” the royal author added. 

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