Prince Andrew’s fight with King Charles over Royal Lodge is about ‘pride’

King Charles and Prince Andrews are still at odds when it comes to a decision concerning the Royal Lodge, following the monarch’s ‘stay of execution’ order.

Ever since speculations over Andrew’s eviction from Royal Lodge has surfaced, the royal has tried to keep it from happening by defying the King’s orders constantly.

However, a friend of Sarah Ferguson, Andrew’s ex-wife who also lives in the 30-bedroom mansion, told The Mail that the ongoing feud is more about “pride.”

“It is true Sarah has a vested interest in Andrew continuing to live at Royal Lodge, as it is where she stays when in the UK,” they said. “But it is more than that, this is about Andrew’s pride.”

Previously, The Mirror reported that the disgraced royal has been given time to prove that he can come up with the necessary funds to maintain the but Palace insiders refuted the claims.

Prince Andrew’s fight with King Charles over Royal Lodge is about ‘pride’

“No one, not least His Majesty, believes there is any realistic, long-term chance of the Duke of York being able to keep the roof at Royal Lodge over his head,” the source told Daily Mail.

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams told GB News that Andrew is in a very different situation compared to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s eviction from Frogmore.

“Andrew is hardly in a position to do anything of the kind [release a scathing memoir],” Fitzwilliams shared. “Andrew is not a working member or a senior working member, nor ever will be my opinion.”

He added, “But he has to live somewhere. He wanted to live there, he’s got a lease there, and he can do the repairs, so that is that.”

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