People aren’t sure what to make of the $2.3bn Las Vegas Sphere

The Las Vegas Sphere is a new venue that features the world’s largest LED screen meant to host live events, such as film screenings, concerts, and sports games.

The circular theatre is 366-feet tall and 516-feet wide, with a capacity to hold 18,000 people when seated and 20,000 people standing. The idea behind the Sphere was to create one of the most immersive viewing experiences, as if people are not simply watching the performance but are fully in it.

Of the 20,000 total spots in the arena – standing room included – half are designed with built-in seat haptics that enable attendees to “feel” atmospheric effects. Its chairs shake and tilt, pipes and hoses shoot heated steam and compressed air to imitate a warm breeze or cast a scent, and temperature and humidity controls can recreate blizzards and desert scenes.

The Sphere’s opening weekend recently took place on 29 September with a U2 concert, as some of the best seats were priced between $400 and $500, CNN reported. Since then, photos of the venue have gone viral both TikTok and X – formerly known as Twitter – as footage has shown what the inside of the Sphere looks like.

However, reactions across the internet have varied from people who were impressed with the venue to those who questioned certain aspects of the Sphere.

Some commenters applauded the Sphere’s clear visuals during the concert, as kaleidoscope images, a burning flag, and an image of the Las Vegas skyline were projected on the screen while U2 performed. “The Sphere is officially open and the inside is INSANE,” popular account Las Vegas Issues wrote on X.

Another user wrote on the platform: “That sunset/sunrise view is savage, those kinds of shots always blew me away in an imax but this must be next level immersion.”

“Why didn’t I know there was a venue inside?” said someone else on TikTok. “Why did I think it was just a stupid expensive billboard? My entire opinion has changed, this rules.”

Other people took the opportunity to suggest what they wanted to see take place in the Sphere, such as a Taylor Swift concert. “Swifties: We need to rent this out and sit inside and blast Mirrorball inside of a mirrorball,” one person suggested on X.

“Would pay big to see Coldplay here,” another person said.

Some simply wanted to use the Sphere for their own personal benefit, like watching their favourite television show or an immersive environment to play their video games in. But not everyone was excited about the idea of a three-dimensional venue.

“I wish this didn’t feel so dystopian,” one comment began. “It looks like a death trap.”

“This is where they’re going to hold the Hunger Games viewings,” another comment joked.

More than one commenter explained that the Sphere reminded them of the 1998 film, The Truman Show. In the movie, starring actor Jim Carrey, main character Truman learns that his entire life has been turned into a reality show without his consent while living in a giant dome that acts as the “set” for his life.

“Anyone else thinking The Truman Show,” one person commented on TikTok.

Another critique of the venue mentioned the potential health problems it could cause attendees.

“This can easily kill thousands of people with heart problems… Just saying,” one person claimed.

“That would make me nauseous honestly,” another comment read.

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