Paneer Tikka Sandwich: The Perfect Fusion Dish You Need to Try Now! Video Inside

When it comes to Indian food, words often fall short of capturing its vast and diverse flavours. From tantalising snacks to hearty main courses, the world of Indian cuisine is a delightful exploration of tastes and traditions. Amidst globally beloved dishes like butter chicken, tandoori chicken, dal makhani, and chicken tikka, traditional Indian food continues to enthral both locals and international aficionados. Now, it’s time to introduce a mouthwatering twist to the mix with a Paneer Tikka Sandwich that’s been creating waves in Delhi-NCR. Watch the video below.
In a video shared by vlogger Amar Sirohi, also known as ‘foodie_incarnate’ on Instagram, the spotlight shines on the creation of the Paneer Tikka Sandwich. This North Indian classic, Paneer Tikka, holds a special place in the hearts of Indian food lovers. As its popularity soars, innovative recipes like the Paneer Tikka Sandwich emerge to tickle our taste buds. This video has already garnered 25k likes, and over 400 comments, and has been shared more than 2k times.
As you’ll see in the video, the making of the paneer tikka sandwich begins by dicing the paneer into bite-sized cubes. Next, a generous spread of homemade chutney and Schezwan sauce is added to the slice of bread. The cheese takes centre stage as it’s lavishly layered on the bread, followed by colourful capsicum and onion pieces. A sprinkle of oregano and chilli flakes adds a zesty touch. To elevate the cheesiness factor, grated cheese is liberally added, creating a delectable melange of textures and tastes. Finally, a dash of fresh green coriander brings a burst of flavour before the sandwich is baked to perfection for just 5 minutes.
Once the tantalizing sandwich emerges from the oven, it’s skillfully sliced into bite-sized cubes, ready to be served with a side of crispy wafers. The mere sight of this culinary masterpiece is bound to make your mouth water.
However, you might be surprised to learn that this delightful is for just Rs 320. After watching the entire video, you’ll find it hard to resist trying this delectable Paneer Tikka Sandwich. It’s a tempting upgrade to traditional Indian food that you won’t want to miss out on.
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Paneer Tikka Sandwich Recipe | Here’s How To Make Paneer Tikka Sandwich:

1. Start by dicing fresh paneer into bite-sized cubes.
2. Grab a generous slice of bread and slather it with a homemade chutney blend, combined with a zesty Schezwan sauce.
3. Arrange those delectable paneer cubes with precision.
4. Add colourful layers of capsicum and onion for a burst of freshness.
5. Sprinkle oregano and chilli flakes for that extra kick.
6. Don’t skimp on the cheese! Heap it on generously.
7. A dash of green coriander adds a fragrant touch.
8. Bake your creation for just 5 minutes.
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Watch the full recipe video of the paneer tikka sandwich here:

So, why wait? Give it a try, and you won’t be disappointed. Your taste buds will thank you!

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