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This interesting optical illusion of a sunset is able to determine whether you are more of an optimist or pessimist about the people in your life. The optical illusion expert Mia Yilin demonstrated the peculiar illusion in a Tiktok video. Viewers are instructed to swiftly scan the image in the colorful personality test to determine whether they notice a pair of red lips or clouds in the sky first. The brainteaser claims to determine if you are a cynical individual who is wary of people or an individual who believes in “the goodness of humanity” based on their initial discovery.

If you see the clouds

It is stated that those who first observed clouds in the middle of a sunset are extremely wary of strangers but are exceedingly giving and helpful to their loved ones. They don’t often let their guard down and are constantly wary about interacting with strangers.
You have excellent social abilities, says Mia. Although you get along with everyone, you have a cynical side. Despite the fact that you may appear amicable, it is really tough for you to put your faith in other people.
“You always try to figure out why people are trying to approach you,” said the Tiktoker.
They are quite logical and have a great ability to read people since they avoid engaging in gossip or small-scale drama. They do well to keep nasty people out of their lives despite having a very negative attitude on life. They also have a very laid-back and joyful social life.

If you see the lips

It is well known that those who were the first to notice the pair of red lips are kindhearted people who go above and beyond for others. They are admired by others around them for their sympathetic nature and would always take the time to assist a stranger in need.
Your kind and upbeat nature is like a breath of fresh air, and you have a tendency to become sentimental, said Mia. You continue to choose to trust in the kindness of people even when you are aware that the world may be harsh.
Because of their positive attitude on life, they can be quite hurt and sensitive when there is a disagreement with their loved ones, but they are also able to let minor things go. They will constantly fight back against someone being harsh to others, so just because they seem upbeat does not mean they are easily misled.
When it comes to significant conflicts of interest, Mia continued, “You might be willing to put up with others over minor irritations, but you’re very principled and will always stand your ground.”
Thanks to Mia Yilin’s personality tests, which users claim can perfectly anticipate their own distinct personalities, the Tiktoker’s fame has risen on the social networking platform.
One startled user wrote: “Thank you, you’ve taught me so much about myself” in Mia’s comment area, and another wrote: “Why is she always on point?! This was incredible.

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