‘Men At Higher Risk Of Developing Cancer But Deaths More Likely In Women’: Report – News18

Women worldwide make up 48% of all new cancer cases.

Women worldwide make up 48% of all new cancer cases.

The report claims that 63% of deaths due to cancer in Indian women could have been prevented through screening and diagnosis.

What has long been observed anecdotally is now presented in stark facts in a recent Lancet Commission report on gender disparity in cancer care. With 48 per cent of new cases and 44 per cent of deaths from cancer worldwide, women bear almost the same burden as males, but their suffering is disproportionately worse.

In a developing country like India, the figures are increasingly alarming with the study suggesting that 63 per cent of deaths due to cancer in Indian women could have been prevented through screening and diagnosis whereas 37 per cent of deaths could have been prevented with proper treatment on time.

The report claims that although men are at a higher risk of developing cancer, deaths are more likely in women who suffer from cancer. It found that about 69 lakh deaths due to cancer among women in India could have been prevented and 40.3 lakh women could have been treated.

Women worldwide make up 48 per cent of all new cancer cases and 44 per cent of all cancer deaths. This occurs when female breast and cervical cancers can be treated for and prevented. The shocking fact is that women are unable to receive early and proper treatment because of a lack of knowledge, financial capability and access to basic services. The study has found that women are more likely than males to lack information and the ability to make decisions, regardless of where they reside or what social group they belong to.

Dr Abhishek Shankar, Assistant Professor, Oncology Department of AIIMS, Delhi, told the Indian Express that gender is a major deciding factor in cancer care. He said that especially for rural women, poor literacy rates and lesser privileges than males keep them unaware of their condition and treatment facilities. He added that the most common cancers in women are breast and cervical but due to the taboo of women not wanting their private parts examined by doctors, they avoid treatment.

Here are five must-follow preventive measures to be undertaken to take caution against cancer:

– All women should self-examine their breasts every month and get a checkup done by a doctor once a year.

– Women above 40 years of age should get mammography done once a year to check for breast cancer.

– Women who find any lump in the breast during self-examination should immediately contact a doctor.

– To avoid cervical cancer, women between 25 to 65 years of age should get a Pap smear test done.

– Women should get an HPV test every 5 or 10 years to detect human papillomavirus.

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