Love Is Blind fans react to Stacy’s father’s ‘brutal’ line about money

Love Is Blind fans have applauded Stacy’s father, Dale, for his brutal comment about money.

In the latest episode of season five of the hit Netflix dating series – released on 29 September – newly engaged couple Stacy Snyder, 35, and Ismael “Izzy” Zapata, 32, made a stop to visit Stacy’s family.

After meeting with Stacy’s family, where he was grilled about his work situation, thoughts on children, and his enjoyment of travel, Izzy went outside for a solo talk with Stacy’s father.

When Izzy asked Stacy’s father his thoughts on their upcoming wedding, Dale responded frankly: “I mean, it’s a lot. But the whole ‘love is blind’, I get that. But love also needs to eat, love needs to have a roof. Sometimes love wants to fly first class.

“I love [Stacy] to death, but she likes to do things,” he added.

“Lmaoooo Stacy’s dad is brutal!” one viewer responded on X, formerly known as Twitter.

A second person wrote: “Stacy’s dad with the checklist and the casual drag about this man wanting to go dutch was exceptional. A father.”

Stacy’s father and Izzy Zapata


“Stacy’s father is PREACHING!!!” another commented.

Before reassuring Izzy that he’s “not trying to focus on money”, Stacy’s father added: “But she obviously needs some help, or needs support. She’s got a house that she’s worked her a** off and all the rest of that.”

Throughout season five, Izzy and Stacy’s different financial situations have put a strain on their relationship. In the episode prior, the couple had an open and honest dialogue about their approach to money.

Stacy, who is the founder of the organisational company Closet Audit, blatantly told Izzy that she’s looking for someone who’s willing to split house costs 50/50.

“The things that will come up, like an HVAC [Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning unit] can be 10 to 20 grand. I have two, and neither of them have gone out since I’ve owned this home – they will go out,” she explained. “So we’re talking $20,000 cash.”

However, when Izzy – who recently shifted his career from business sales to insurance – shared the same thoughts about splitting the paycheck at dinner, Stacy disagreed as she told him: “Dinner’s not 50/50. The man pays.”

Stacy and Izzy are among several engaged couples on the current fifth season of the popular reality dating show, which brings singletons together in the hopes that they can fall in love without seeing each other in person.

Love Is Blind season five is available to stream on Netflix.

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