King Charles teaches Harry, Meghan a lesson with shock new titles for them

Prince Andrew has seemingly made it back into the inner circle in a big royal reshuffle
Prince Andrew has seemingly made it back into the inner circle in a big royal reshuffle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who have seemingly burnt all their bridges in the royal family, will have to win King Charles’s heart with their positive move to get back their status and respect in the royal family.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have received a new shock ‘title’ from King Charles but it has definitely not been handed out in recognition of their service to crown, country, according to a royal expert.

Meghan and Harry have been earnt the label of the “Others” in a big royal reshuffle, a sobriquet which makes it sound like they will never again be permitted on the furniture in Buckingham Palace’s Good Rooms.

According to the Daily Mail’s Ephraim Hardcastle, the King has been hard at work and “has radically reset his late mother’s concept of the ‘Family Firm’”.

The 74-year-old has broken his family down into four categories, “Senior Royals, Working Royals, Non-Working Royals and Others”, according to Hardcastle.

Meghan and Harry have been relegated to “others”. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex  are arguably being treated worse as they come off second-best with “Andrew getting preferential treatment over the Sussexes,” per Hardcastle. 

The smoke signals coming from the 74-year-old Monarch’s office about Andrew are that he’s made it back into the inner circle.

In August, during the royal family’s annual Scottish retreat, Andrew was driven to church by his nephew and niece, William and Kate, the Prince and Princess of Wales, in what was a very deliberate bit of theatre, signaling he’s being welcomed back into the family fold.

Andrew has also retained the right to host his annual shooting weekend at Windsor, the Daily Beast’s Tom Sykes has revealed.

However, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie’s father might still be a part of the actual family but that does not mean the King should be parading him about in front of the cameras with William and Kate or letting him continue to live like Lord Muck in an enormous pile the size of a modest hotel.

In September, the Sunday Times reported that “courtiers have discussed leasing a property” to the Sussexes inside Kensington Palace, but that was a claim which was “hotly disputed” by the Palace. 

It seems as King is having little appetite or interest in extending the same sort of leniency towards Harry and Meghan that he has to Andrew. Meghan and Harry has been urged to work hard to melt King Charles’s heart to win back the desired status in the royal family.

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