King Charles, Prince William warned of Meghan Markle’s intentions

King Charles, Prince William warned of Meghan Markles intentions
King Charles, Prince William warned of Meghan Markle’s intentions

King Charles and royal family have been warned of Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle’s future move as the Duchess is tipped to write her own tell-all memoir following in her husband’s footsteps.

The speculations about Meghan’s upcoming autobiography has already caused a stir among some senior members of the royal family.

The move may add to William’s worries, who once called the Duchess an actress and reportedly had some other issues with Harry’s sweetheart during the couple’s early romance. 

The Duke has also claimed in Spare about his elder brother’s comments about the former ‘Suits’ alum.

The 74-year-old monarch has been urged by some royal experts and historians to make amends with the US-based couple before it’s too late.

Royal commentator Tom Bower has also claimed that Meghan is penning her autobiography and it may cause stress among some members of the royal family.

A source, close to the US-based couple, has claimed that “if Meghan decides to write her own memoir she won’t hesitate to reveal more secrets and untold stories of her time with the royal family.”

“Future King William and his wife Kate Middleton may face the heat of Meghan’s book ,” according to the source.

They added: “Meghan has no intention to disgrace King Charles and his wife Queen Consort Camilla as hshe has some sweet memories with the couple.”

Harry in his memoir has revealed that William treated his wife Meghan like a “convicted felon” when they first met, claiming that William told him: “She’s an actress, after all, Harold. Anything can happen.”

William’s comments, that really hurt Harry, was more painful for The Duchess, according to the same source.

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