King Charles picks sides amid Prince Harry and Queen Camilla feud

King Charles has decided to “subtly punish” Prince Harry for badmouthing his wife Queen Camilla.

Speaking to The Sun, royal author Duncan Larcombe claimed that though the 74-year-old monarch is open to reconcile with his youngest son, he still harbors resentment towards him for his past actions.

Hence, the previous report suggesting that the Duke of Sussex must give an advance notice if he ever wants to visit the King of Britain stands true.

Mr. Larcombe explained that Charles is taking quite a “standoffish” approach towards mending fences with Harry, noting “that’s a way that [he] is subtly punishing his son.”

Charles’ waxing resentment also stems from the Spare author publicly branding his stepmother Camilla a “villian” in his autobiography released earlier this year, according to the expert.

He shared: “Harry has said some deeply hurtful things about Camilla, and yet the King will still correspond with his son, albeit not directly.

“It’s remarkable really, because when Charles became King he said he loved Harry and Meghan which was a huge olive branch – which Harry then took, snapped in half and then hit him with it,” Larcombe added. 

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