Kim Kardashian mocks Kendall Jenner’s cucumber cutting skills on AHS

Kim Kardashian seemingly took a dig at her sister Kendall Jenner’s culinary skills in the latest episode of American Horror Story: Delicate.

During the episode, Siobhan, played by Kardashian, visits her film star friend Anna, played by Emma Roberts, at her hideaway house to offer support in the wake of her fertility struggles.

Siobhan heads to the kitchen after offering Anna to make her a meal with “real food” to nourish her body, where she starts prepping by effortlessly chopping up a cucumber on a cutting board.

Fans were left in stitches over a supposed shot taken at the supermodel.

“Kim’s redemption cucumber cut,” quipped a TikTok user, adding, “Kim K really said ‘I can do EVERYTHING better than my sisters’ with this scene.”

For the unversed, Kendall was caught in an awkward position as she tried to cut a cucumber in a May 2022 episodes of The Kardashians.

In the latest episode of the reality TV show, the socialite charged at critics for thinking they are offending her by bringing up the incident again and again.

“People really think it’s a diss now. ‘You’re hanging out with her? She can’t even [expletive] cut a cucumber,'” she said during a confessional.

“You think you’re offending me? You’re not,” she laughed.

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