Kevin Spacey faces emergency after actor rushed to hospital over suspected heart attack

Kevin Spacey hustled to hospital on suspicion of heart attack
Kevin Spacey hustled to hospital on suspicion of heart attack

Kevin Spacey was taken to the hospital in fear of having a heart attack after his arm started to tingle while he was at a film festival.

The 64-year-old House of Cards star was first thought to have had a heart attack, but after completing a battery of exams, including an MRI, he was given the all-clear by medical professionals, according to The Sun.

He was on a tour of the Afrasiyab Museum when he became ill on Monday and was brought to the Innova Diagnostic Clinic where he was “treated professionally by doctors and staff.”

Later, Spacey made a surprise appearance on stage at the Tashkent International Film Festival and assured the crowd that his health was “normal.”

The Academy Award-winning actor continued it, “made me really take a moment and think about how fragile life is.”

During his statement at the festival’s closing ceremony on Monday, Spacey discussed his “unexpected” health concern.

“I was looking at these extraordinary murals on the walls and I suddenly felt my entire left arm go numb for about eight seconds,” he told the crowd.

“I shook it off, but I immediately told the people I was with and we went immediately to the medical centre.”

He explained that he spent the afternoon getting tested, and that “everything turned out to be completely normal” in the end.

The actor teased a self-described “comeback” before saying he is “grateful” it was not “anything more serious.” He claimed that his “best roles were ahead of him.”

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