Kevin Costner’s on-set Yellowstone diet secrets revealed amid explosive divorce

Kevin Costners on-set comfort food habits revealed.
Kevin Costner’s on-set comfort food habits revealed.

Kevin Costner, known for his role as John Dutton in the hit show Yellowstone, found solace in indulging in comforting treats on set. 

According to Chef Gabriel Guilbeau, who serves as Yellowstone’s head of craft services, Costner occasionally set aside his dietary intentions to savor delectable desserts.

“Kevin always likes to tell me he’s on a diet and off the sugar, and then he’ll ask me to make him an apple pie,” Gabriel shared in a recent interview with Delish. 

“In the same day, usually.” Despite being somewhat of a picky eater, the Oscar winner was often spotted around the makeshift kitchen on set, hoping to satisfy his sweet tooth during filming.

Gabriel amusingly noted that before their collaboration, Costner seemed to subsist mainly on canned chili and hot dogs, underscoring the star’s evolving taste preferences and penchant for comforting food during challenging times.

Kevin Costner approached the conclusion of his time on the hit series and faced the end of his 18-year marriage to Christine Baumgartner, he found solace in comfort food, according to Chef Gabriel Guilbeau, who also portrays Chef Gator on the show. 

Among the classic dishes offered to Costner and the cast were gumbo, étouffée, jambalaya, and barbecue.

Kevin’s preference for comfort food coincided with his official departure from Yellowstone in May, where he announced that the fifth season would mark his last appearance on the series. 

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