Jennifer Garner discusses about her food company’s new snack bars for kids

Jennifer Garner has recently discussed about her latest products from her food company, Once Upon a Farm which she started six years ago.

Speaking on Good Morning America, Jennifer, who turned into an entrepreneur with her food company, said, “We are trying to be an ally for moms.”

The mom of three introduced her company’s new snack bars with fresh and low in sugar ingredients.

“We finally have bars, which has been a goal of ours for a long time,” stated the 13 Going On 30 actress.

The Alias star revealed it took her a while to bring the new items to market “because we do everything with elevated nutrition, we couldn’t offer bars until we could offer it without [added] sugar, non-gmo, organic, from whole foods”.

Jennifer mentioned that most snack bars are “glorified candy bars, but this is one you can feel good about”.

Reflecting on her mother’s experience, the actress shared they were easy for parents to “pass back in the car on the way to soccer, ballet”.

“My senior in high school takes a couple of Once Upon a Farms in her lunch every day, because there’s no [added] sugar. It’s even energy, she contended, followed by a chef’s kiss,” remarked the actress.

Jennifer added that her mother influences her passion for healthy food.

“My mom was such a farmer girl, so we always were at farmers markets, we always had a huge garden, and she’s always just taught us the closer to the earth, the closer to the sunshine, the more you’re going to love it,” added the Yes Day actress.

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