Jason Derulo’s accuser Emaza Gibson feels ‘Intimidated’ and ‘Traumatized’ by his denial

Emaza Gibson opens up about Jason Derulo accusation
Emaza Gibson opens up about Jason Derulo accusation

Jason Derulo’s accuser Emaza Gibson has filed a lawsuit against R&B star, alleging that his denial of her claims and his behavior following her refusal of his sexual advances have left her furious, ‘traumatized,’ and under immense stress. 

In her legal filing in Los Angeles, Gibson accuses Derulo of turning cold towards her after she declined his invitations to spend time together and consume alcohol. 

She also claims that he routinely berated her in front of production staff and, on one occasion, angrily confronted her in front of her mother, Sandra. 

Her attorney, Ron Zambrano, asserts that these actions amount to ‘quid pro quo sexual assault’ and have had a severe impact on his client.

In an exclusive interview, Gibson, who also goes by the name Emaza Dilan, shared her initial excitement when TikTok star Derulo approached her in August 2021 with a record deal offer as a solo artist. 

Emaza Gibson’s dreams of a promising music career took a dark turn when she alleges that her refusal of Jason Derulo’s advances led to a tumultuous sequence of events. 

The deal initially included a collaboration with Derulo, a single release within four months, and an album launch within six months. 

However, Gibson claims that after she expressed her commitment to her moral values and unwillingness to compromise them, Derulo began to distance himself, ultimately terminating her contract in September.

The aftermath of this ordeal has taken a toll on Gibson’s mental well-being, leading her to seek therapy and feel uneasy around men. 

Derulo, on the other hand, has vehemently denied all of Gibson’s allegations, describing them as ‘false and hurtful.’ He expressed his support for individuals pursuing their dreams while defending his commitment to living a positive life.

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