‘Interview with Joe Biden was saddest thing’: Find out what journalist says about POTUS

US President Joe Biden during a Cabinet meeting in the Cabinet Room of the White House in Washington, DC, on October 2, 2023. — AFP
US President Joe Biden during a Cabinet meeting in the Cabinet Room of the White House in Washington, DC, on October 2, 2023. — AFP

US President Joe Biden is regarded as a confused person who could not even complete his sentences during a conversation, as there are widespread concerns about his age.

Sage Steele who was an ESPN host claimed that Joe Biden was confused, recalling her interview with the 80-year-old as the ‘saddest thing to happen’.

Steele also regarded Joe Biden as “a terrible President” who could not finish his sentences.

While speaking in a podcast, she stated: “So forget about politics. I don’t care, I didn’t vote for him.”

“The human aspect of what we’re witnessing right now, to me, is heartbreaking,” she stated about the age factor of the oldest president in US history.

She said she interviewed the Democrat in 2021 for a pre-recorded segment ahead of MLB’s Opening Day that year. “It was [via] satellite, it wasn’t in person,” she explained, noting that she “had to stall the chief executive as they waited for technical issues to be resolved.”

“So I had to, like, BS. I had to chitchat, waiting for us to start rolling.”

She could not see the president as his staffers kept a lens cover over the camera “until the last second, but you can hear and we’re chitchatting, the former host said.

“So I can hear him and he goes, ‘What is this for? Wait — what’s her name?'” Steele recalled, adding that “I was going, ‘Oh my God!’ And then [an aide] said, ‘SportsCenter, ESPN.’ And he goes, ‘Oh, OK.’”

At that point, the president started to tell her about his own football career, mentioning his high school where he was a standout halfback and wide receiver.

“And so he started to tell football stories of his greatness,” Steele recounted, noting she still could not see him.

“He goes, ‘I have the best hands.’ What do you say to that?” Steele asked while mentioning that “and here’s the saddest thing — his voice just trailed off. He said, ‘I was good,’ and then he went silent, and he goes …, ‘Uh, never mind.'”

“I thought it was so sad because I realised that’s why he was in the basement during the whole election cycle — because even then he couldn’t finish his sentences, he struggled.”

The host of “Real Time with Bill Maher” mocked Joe Biden Friday night, describing the president as the “only Democrat who can lose to Donald Trump,” despite the men only having a four-year age difference.

“Someone has to convince President Biden that if he runs again, he’s going to turn the country back over to Trump and go … down in history as Ruth Bader Biden, the person who doesn’t know when to quit and so does great damage to their party and their country,” Maher said, referring to the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“What matters is voters think Biden’s too old,” he continued. “What matters is he’s going to lose to Trump.”

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