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Last evening, Mahira Khan made things Instagram official by dropping a series of breathtaking images, alongside an absolutely heartwarming video shot by Izzah Shaheen Malik in Bhurban. In the video, Mahira was seen being walked down the aisle by her brother, Hissan Khan, and her son, Azlan.

Azlan was also seen seated next to his mother as the ceremony proceeded. The visuals were impactful and carried a powerful message of hope, love, and second chances. It is thus that the internet is abuzz with conversations around the same.

Celebrating the heartfelt visuals, one X user stated, “I know happy women make me happy but it’s only when I actually see a happy woman that I realise how much. Oh, how much? I’m not even a Mahira fan but her Instagram caption has my whole heart. The woman found love. May you all do too.” However, others specifically highlighted the instances that won over their hearts.

“Mahira’s son walking her down the aisle and sitting with her during the nikkah is just so beautiful. I’m not crying. I’m not crying,” said one X user. Another said, “Her son by her side and holding her hand is everything.” One even shared a throwback image of Azlan, saying, “That was the Azlan in my head I was living in 2017 probably.”

One user of the site formerly known as Twitter shared a still of Azlan and Mahira, saying, “This little capture has my heart. I really wish people could truly understand the beauty of this. Mahira Khan, who has always been empowering women through her work, on her blog page and now setting such a beautiful example. Couldn’t have been happier for our Khirad!”

Yet another X user said, “Her brother is there as a guardian, while her son is there to wholeheartedly support his dearest mommy on this new journey. It’s a display of pure and heartfelt emotions!” One X user shared a throwback image of Mahira and Azlan in parallel with a still of him walking her down the aisle. “From holding him in her arms to him walking her down the aisle….the mother-son duo has come a long way,” they stated.

Truly, Mahira’s journey of love is filled with hallmarks of resilience. When the biggest superstar in the country remarries in a ceremony that is reflective of the love and harmony shared between the family, one cannot help but feel inspired and awe-struck.

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