Instagram millions: Here are 7 guaranteed money-making strategies anyone can pull off

This representational picture shows Instagrams page on its site displayed on a phone. — Unsplash/File
This representational picture shows Instagram’s page on its site displayed on a phone. — Unsplash/File

Instagram has evolved in recent years from a basic photo-sharing app into a thriving platform for people and companies to make money. It is impossible to scroll through your Instagram feed without seeing advertisements for products from other companies and from your favourite creators.

Have you ever considered joining the action?

Instagram offers numerous opportunities to make money due to its large user base and high engagement rates, and no, you don’t need a million followers to benefit financially from Instagram. Content creators with as few as 1,000 followers can also make money.

Whether you’re an influencer, entrepreneur, or simply looking to monetise your passion, here are a few proven ways to make money on Instagram.

Join the influencers

The influencer marketing sector is flourishing. You can collaborate with companies to promote their goods or services if you develop a substantial and active following.

These partnerships can take many different forms, such as sponsored content, product reviews, and giveaways. For their influence and reach, brands are frequently willing to lavishly compensate influencers, and you can keep an eye out for some businesses in your field.

If you are a beginner, it is better to approach some smaller brands for collaboration using Instagram messages or email. While reaching out for a collaboration, include your contact information in your bio, and remember to tag brands in your posts using branded hashtags and geotags.

Affiliate marketing

People often recommend products or collaborate with brands to promote products as affiliates. They share promo codes, and shoutouts, or use trackable links in their bios. When a sale is made, they receive a commission on behalf of the company.

Instagram Story is one of the most effective ways to promote affiliate products, as it allows users with over 10,000 followers to provide a swipe-up link, allowing followers to purchase items without having to go elsewhere.

Sell digital products

Instagram’s 1 billion daily users offer a vast array of content, making it crucial to create consistent and high-quality content to differentiate yourself.

Hundreds of examples showcase people selling digital products like ebooks, guides, recipes, and how-tos, as well as printables, videos, photography, and audiobooks.

By consistently providing high-quality content, you can make money from Instagram’s vast audience.

This representational picture shows an Instagram-users page sharing healthy recipes. — Unsplash/File
This representational picture shows an Instagram-user’s page sharing healthy recipes. — Unsplash/File

Sell Your Products

If you have a special product or service to offer, Instagram can be a successful sales channel. Create an Instagram shop or connect your profile to your online shop to make it simple for your followers to make purchases.

Your sales can increase with the use of high-quality images, interesting captions, and hashtags. You can enable ‘Instagram Shopping’ features that can improve your customers’ experience and enable social selling.

“Instagram Shopping tags are so effective—and over 130 million people are tapping on shopping tags every month—because they allow people to go from product inspiration to product information in just a few taps,” says Taylor Loren, director of marketing at Later.

Offer Online Workshops or Courses

Instagram can be a valuable tool for promoting online workshops or courses, especially if you have expertise in a specific area or skill. Post educational material, teasers, testimonials, and live events via Instagram Live and IGTV to attract students.

Platforms like Thinkific, Teachable, Podia, and Kajabi can be used for online courses, but choose the platform based on your specific teaching goals. Create valuable course content on Instagram by gathering feedback from your community and using online forums for suggestions.

Address any challenges your followers face and provide value through your content. Consider using online platforms for recording lectures, which offer low subscription fees if you join their pro membership.

Once content is created, market it on Instagram through feed posts, reels, or Instagram Live, sharing it within your network.

Consulting and Coaching

Consider using Instagram to market your consulting or coaching services if you are an authority on a particular subject. Use regular posts, stories, or IGTV videos to impart your information, and Instagram Direct for one-on-one conversations.

Many people are eager to pay for professional direction and counsel. No matter what sector they are in — personal branding, business, communication, digital marketing, etc — you want to offer your services.

To prove your expertise to your audience, create niche-specific material, but be consistent.

Sponsored Posts and Shoutouts

Beyond brand partnerships, you can also earn money by offering sponsored posts and shoutouts. Businesses, especially smaller ones, are often willing to pay for exposure to your audience.

A representational picture showing an influencer in the middle of a makeup tutorial. — Unsplash/File
A representational picture showing an influencer in the middle of a makeup tutorial. — Unsplash/File

However, it’s essential to maintain transparency and authenticity in all collaborations to preserve the trust of your followers. Always disclose paid partnerships or shoutouts, and ensure that the products or accounts you promote align with your values and interests to maintain your credibility on Instagram.

Don’t forget, if you want to monetise your Instagram presence, maintain consistency by posting regularly, engaging with your audience through comments and messages, and investing in high-quality content.

Build your trust with followers on Instagram, use Instagram Insights to track performance, and unlock its earning potential, whether you’re looking for a side income or a full-time career.

Just stay true to your passion, and you will be able to maximise the earning potential of this dynamic platform.

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