How to dress like Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce for Halloween 2023

It’s safe to say everyone’s “enchanted” by the rumoured romance between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.

Between Swift’s surprise appearances at the Kansas City Chiefs games two Sundays in a row and Kelce’s public declaration of interest when he attempted but failed to give the Grammy winner his number at her concert, this A-list pair has been leaving a trail of clues that seemingly allude to more than just a friendship.

And it seems as though the National Football League is cheering for the Travis-Taylor team too. The “Anti-Hero” vocalist showed up in their pre-game promotions, was added as their cover photo on social media, and consumed a good chunk of the coverage during the Chiefs matches against the Chicago Bears and New York Jets.

Following Swift’s appearance on 24 September at Arrowhead Stadium, she and Kelce spent quality time afterward, attending the team’s celebration at a local restaurant. What’s more, she was spotted with her arms around the tight end in a photo from the after-party.

On 1 October, Kelce was rushed onto the Chiefs team bus once the game ended, but the “You Belong With Me” creator still showed out in the stands of MetLife with her star-studded posse including Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Sophie Turner, Hugh Jackman and more.

This artist-athlete crossover is all-consuming, with “Swifties” gushing over the supposed new man in the beloved singer’s life. Oh, to be Kelce and Swift…

With Halloween right around the corner, why not spend a night pretending to be the famed football player and powerhouse singer?

Assume the look of the hottest pairing right now and dress up with your friend or partner.

Here’s what to wear for the best Kelce and Swift costume for Halloween 2023

Taylor Swift

For the “Fifteen” singer, you could take two different routes.

If you want to stay true to the iconic blonde, red-lipped Swift known and loved, you should recreate one of her on-stage looks.

The best “22” costume should include a black top hat ($14.99), sparkly red shorts ($31.99), and her “Not A Lot Going On At The Moment” T-shirt ($9.50).

For a “Fearless” get-up, opt for a dazzling gold fringe dress ($29.99) and white cowboy boots ($39.99).

However, for a more recent Swift moment, it would be best to recreate the outfit she wore to the Chiefs home game. Pair the Chiefs zip-up hoodie ($65.69) with your favourite pair of denim shorts, a white tank top ($6.80), and Converse ($60).

And no matter what, you need to coat your lips in matte ruby red lipstick because Swift is rarely seen anywhere without the bold makeup choice. The singer favours Pat McGrath’s LiquiLUST Legendary Wear Lipstick in the shade Elson 4 ($34).

Travis Kelce

Kelce is a bit easier to assume on the spookiest night of the month.

All you need is his jersey ($129.99), or a T-shirt with his name and number ($31.49), a fake mustache ($11.99), a pair of athletic shorts ($38.49), and red sneakers ($80).

You could also add a football to the outfit to really make it clear who you’re dressing up as this Halloween.

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