Francia Raisa admits to having ‘rocky’ friendship with Selena Gomez

Francia Raisa has admitted that she shares a “rocky friendship” with Selena Gomez.

In an interview with Extra, the How I Met Your Father actor gave fans a rare insight into her friendship with the Disney Channel alum and stated that whatever drama exists between them has “nothing to do” with their kidney transplant.

“We trauma-bonded, which is beautiful, but also it can get rocky and tricky,” she explained, reflecting on the ups and downs of their friendship. “People grow, relationships change. Obviously, I treat her like my little sister, she treats me like her older sister.”

Raisa added that the duo have been through a lot together, with her having donated her kidney to Gomez amid her battle with lupus. “I don’t know any relationship that’s perfect,” she said. “When our situation came up… No, I never pictured that, but obviously I never regretted it. I am happy that we are here today, celebrating and supporting each other.”

Now that they have reconnected, the actor is overjoyed to “get to know” Gomez and grow together now that they’re both in their 30s and a little bit wiser. “I am a different person today than I was last year or even when I turned 30. I’m 35 now. Even when Selena turned 30, I’m like: ‘It’s different, isn’t it?’ and she was like: ‘Yeah.’ I said: ‘Welcome to your 30s. Now we can get to know each other again,’” she continued.

The actor also gushed about the “Single Soon” singer’s mental health advocacy. “She is bringing so much awareness to it, and we have both seen each other go through so much,” she said, before reflecting on her own mental health journey.

“I am on my own journey of finally expressing myself and what I have gone through with my mental health,” Raisa continued, while revealing how Gomez has been one of her biggest supporters. “I look to her to figure out how to even navigate all of this.”

“Sometimes, I feel people need to spend time apart in order to grow,” the actor added. “We had to almost go on our own journey and grow… I am really happy in my career now and my endeavour. I don’t know if I would be able to do that if I didn’t really take some time for myself and figure out what the hell was going on with me, because I wasn’t okay.”

Raisa then clarified: “I am okay now, and just for the record, it had nothing to do with the kidney.”

The formerly inseparable duo rekindled their friendship in recent months, with Gomez attending Raisa’s July birthday bash and going out on the town the following month. Having been friends since 2007, the grown-ish actor donated her kidney to the pop star in 2017.

Fans picked up on tension allegedly brewing between the two after the Only Murders in the Building star told Rolling Stone that Taylor Swift was her “only friend in the industry,” and Raisa commented “interesting” below an Instagram post that highlighted the particular quote. On TikTok, Gomez unsubtly called the comment out, saying: “Sorry I didn’t mention every person I know.”

Speculation swirled as Raisa stayed mum on the subject. But by August, Raisa put the feud rumours to rest and said that there was “no beef, just salsa”.

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