Drake and Birdman keep fans guessing as they confront comedian Druski’s sample jokes

Drake’s Fans found themselves in a state of uncertainty as he jokingly suggested that comedian Druski might “go missing” after poking fun at the rapper amidst recent accusations of uncleared samples on his new album. 

Drake has recently faced allegations of sampling songs from The Pet Shop Boys and Rye Rye without obtaining proper permissions.

Druski, seizing the opportunity to capitalize on the sampled song controversy, released a sketch where he humorously portrayed a musician who becomes incensed upon hearing a Drake track that bears a striking resemblance to one of his own compositions.

He posted the skit on Instagram, drawing the attention of rapper Birdman. In the comments section, Birdman issued a warning to Druski, stating, “Bro you still playin with a real gangsta SMFH.”

Drake followed up with a comment that raised eyebrows, saying, “Stunna bout to have you come up missing on Gladys,” leaving fans puzzled.

On Friday, Drake released his highly-anticipated eighth studio album, “For All The Dogs,” which immediately caught attention due to allegations of uncredited samples. 

The Pet Shop Boys took to Twitter after the album’s release, pointing out that Drake had used the chorus of their 1984 hit, West End Girls, in the track All the Parties, without giving credit or requesting permission.

Rapper Rye Rye also expressed frustration on social media, alleging that Drake had sampled her song Shake It to the Ground, which she created with rapper Blaqstarr.

This wasn’t the first time Drake had sampled Shake It to the Ground, as the track was also used in his 2022 song Currents

Rye Rye, in her response, expressed mixed feelings, stating, “REALLY @Drake MY VOCALS AGAIN? & NO CREDIT? 

I really wanna be flattered but I feel like it’s trolling ATP OMG …one of my fave artists doing this I don’t know how to feel anymore but thank you for reminding me that my 15-year-old vocals are still legendary.”

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