David Beckham mocks Victoria for claim about her ‘working class’ upbringing

Viewers of David Beckham’s new Netflix documentary series have shared their delight over a scene where he mocks his wife Victoria Beckham’s claim of having a “working-class upbringing”.

Beckham, a four-part series, tracks the former Manchester United and England football star’s rise to fame and fortune, along with his relationship with Spice Girls star Victoria and their growing family.

Released on Wednesday (4 October), the programme has been the subject of discussion across social media, as fans share their favourite moments and insights.

One particularly memorable scene shows David, calling out Victoria, dubbed Posh Spice during her time in the Spice Girls, after she claims to have had humble beginnings.

Speaking to the interviewer about her family and childhood, Victoria says: “We’re very, very working class.”

“Be honest,” David jumps in, popping his head around a nearby doorframe. After Victoria protests that she is being honest, the former midfielder asks: “What car did your dad drive you to school in?”

Victoria makes several attempts to sidestep the question, uttering: “It’s not a simple answer, it depends!”

However, after David repeats the question multiple times, the “Out of Your Mind” singer replies: “OK, in the Eighties, my dad had a Rolls-Royce.”

“Thank you,” says David, before disappearing behind the door once more. As of October 2023, Rolls-Royce cars begin selling at the price of £252,000.

Victoria Beckham claims she grew up ‘very working class’ despite father owning a Rolls Royce


After a clip of this scene was shared online, people have praised the couple’s playful dynamic, as well as David’s persistence in getting Victoria to reveal the truth about her father’s car.

“Fair play to Beckham for keeping it 100,” said one entertained viewer.

However, others have criticised Victoria’s claim to have been working class in her childhood, despite having access to an expensive mode of transport.

“Rich people pretending to be working class are awful,” one person wrote on Twitter/X.

Another added: “A lot of Brits think that if you aren’t landed gentry you’re ‘working class’, very unserious.”

Others pointed out that her nickname was an example of her exaggerated claim, writing: “Victoria Beckham trying to say she was working class when she literally branded as Posh Spice her entire career.”

Elsewhere, one viewer commented on the clip exposing the “complete cognitive dissonance of the elite”.

“They honestly believe that because their parents worked and they weren’t multi millionaires that they’re working class,” the Twitter/X user continued.

Over four episodes, David and Victoria talk about the highs and lows of their 24-year marriage. Ahead of the programme’s release, David revealed the key secret to how their relationship had survived trying times over the years.

The film also features the couple discussing the aftermath of the alleged affair between David and their former personal assistant, Rebecca Loos.

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