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Something rather strange is afoot with Mahira Khan’s wedding pictures, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the star. Mahira, who tied the knot with Salim Karim in a breathtaking ceremony, has been sharing pictures with her husband, and stills from the ceremony, on her Instagram account.

While many were made aware that Izzah Shaheen Malik (Pictroizzah on Instagram) was responsible for a lot of visuals that came out from the event, some people are quite displeased with the talent that went unnoticed.

Fashion photographer Shahbaz Shazi, who was credited in certain image posts by Mahira and designer Faraz Manan, was seemingly left out of the conversation when it came to crediting photographers, as far as media reporting was concerned. As a result, upset internet users took to social media to air their frustration.

“The fact that these masterpieces were actually taken by Shahbaz Shazi, not Izzah from Pictroizzah, but who cares to clarify each media channel?? Imagine if someone else had given credit to someone else for her work,” shared one user on X.

The same user went on to share a series of screenshots, wherein Izzah could allegedly be seen saying “thank you” to a reviewer. When asked how she could take credit for someone else’s work, Izzah commented, “Are you out of your mind? Like where did I claim his work to be mine? I posted the photos I took and the video I shot. It’s not my job to correct every single page that gives wrong credits. In fact, 80% of the pages used our photos and gave wrong credits, like should I go and cry about it because you cannot control media?” The back and forth continued till the reviewer themselves tagged Shahbaz in the post.

However, since then, Shahbaz has taken to Instagram to share a series of images that he photographed. He shared these with the caption, “To my dear friend Mahira, congratulations on your wedding day! I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have photographed this special occasion for you. I wish you and your husband all the best in your new life together.”

It must be noted that both the photographers’ Instagram profiles, as of now, only seem to showcase their own work.

Folks on the internet have since taken to Shahbaz’s post to highlight how they were unaware of the photographer’s involvement in the entire event. As the matter unfolds, it is yet to be seen if any side will make an official statement.

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