Amanda Holden achieves new milestone

Amanda Holden achieves new milestone
Amanda Holden achieves new milestone

Amanda Holden achieved a milestone by climbing 518 feet to reach the top of Blackpool Tower while co-hosting Heart FM.

The 52-year-old breakfast radio presenter is embarking on a series of five daring challenges in five days, alongside Heart’s showbiz correspondent Ashley Roberts, 42, all in an effort to raise funds for Global’s Make Some Noise charity.

Her first challenge took place on Monday morning, when Amanda successfully ascended to the top of Blackpool Tower, becoming the first person to ever achieve this feat.

Despite the strenuous climb, Amanda remained in high spirits and celebrated her accomplishment with a triumphant pose, raising both arms in the air for a photo. The daring climb was completed in an impressive 57 minutes and 59 seconds.

After completing the heart-racing challenge, the TV personality said on the radio: ‘Jamie, I think I should tell you now, they dared me, they said “If you go up one more iron sort of curly bit more, we will have gone higher than anyone basically”.

‘Wing commander Adam Collins from the Red Arrows is the only person to have got as far as me, and now I’ve gone higher than him. So I’ve officially gone higher than anyone’s ever been!

‘I’ve never fainted in my life and when I got to the top, I suddenly thought “I’m going to here!”

‘Just donations, that’s all we need, this is for Global’s Make Some Noise, it’s honestly the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done in my life, and I’ve done it for all those small charities.

‘If you can afford it this morning, please give what you can.’

Amanda, Ashley, and Jamie Theakston are celebrating ten years of changing lives by supporting small projects across the UK, including mental health, food poverty, domestic abuse, homelessness, and loneliness. 

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