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Mahira Khan just tied the knot! The biggest superstar in Pakistan is officially hitched, and she made it Instagram official with a series of absolutely breathtaking images, and a video that, if we’re being honest, made us all well up. Just a little bit. (Some more than others). 

A lot of people were complaining that the bride did not opt for a more traditional colour. Well, if you’ve ever scrolled through Mahira’s Instagram account, you may know why. Her feed is filled with her as a bride in red. The photoshoots are stunning, of course, but they’re also a reminder of the fact that the colour for which she opted may have been a clever break from what’s already been done.

Anyway, here are a five times Mahira stunned in bridal photoshoots:

1. When she opted for a close-up that could stop hearts from beating

2. Like, do you guys understand the absolute power she holds?

3. When she was a part of a musical number but decided to serve some vintage bridal goodness, because she can

4. When she slayed this unique number

5. When she kept things simple, but added a little extra oomph because she’s Mahira

If you’re wondering whether or not Mahira has ever done a bridal photoshoot in white, she has. While this list is dominated by reds, here’s a little white number as a bonus to illustrate why her actual wedding day attire made sense.

But, of course, nothing on this list will ever top the superstar donning all-white at her wedding and serving in a way previously unknown to humanity.


No, just facts.

There you have it folks. 

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