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Cricketer Suryakumar Yadav makes a style statement with platinum jewellery.

Cricketer Suryakumar Yadav makes a style statement with platinum jewellery.

Here’s a look at key trending platinum pieces that men can experiment with this season.

This festive season give your loved ones or gift yourself the joy of platinum. Who said platinum is only limited to wedding bands? There’s an array of styles designed for the modern Indian man.

Platinum, with its unparalleled density and exceptional quality, has emerged as the metal of choice for men who want to strike the perfect equilibrium between subtlety and making a statement.

Cricketer Suryakumar Yadav became the face of Platinum Guild International (PGI) latest campaign.

It’s luxurious sheen and timeless allure have captivated the hearts of those who seek to redefine elegance.

Pallavi Sharma, Business Director at PGI India, says, “The minimalistic yet striking allure of platinum jewellery resonates deeply with the modern man’s desire for understated elegance. The fusion of classic designs with contemporary elements has sparked a trend that’s all about balancing sophistication with self-expression. Platinum is not just a metal; it’s a reflection of the essence of modern men. Rare, just like the values that define them – character, resilience, and purpose.”

From rings that exude masculine confidence to chains that redefine sophistication, and bracelets that wrap wrists in an aura of distinction, each piece tells a story of minimalism intertwined with refinement.

Pallavi Sharma, Business Director at PGI.

“In a world where men embrace their diverse identities, platinum jewellery emerges as a symbol of quiet strength and elegance. It’s an embodiment of character, individuality, and a choice that speaks volumes about the extraordinary men who choose it,” adds Sharma.


Go from work mode to party mode with this versatile bracelet.

The Platinum Arched Bridge Bracelet:

This piece is perfect for a formal board-room look that can just easily transition to elevate a semi-formal evening dinner attire.

Ring in the festive season with the intricate kada.

The Platinum Gilded Accents Wristwear:

Subtle, yet distinct, this intricate kada can add pizzazz to a simple kurta pajama look for a day function and just as easily add a touch of panache to a statement ethnic fusion look for an evening soiree.

Spruce up your festive game with a colourful ring.

The Platinum Serene Blue Cube Ring:

The stunning shade of blue adds a playful dimension to a classic black-tie look, bringing out the versatile personality of the wearer. The ring can just as easily be teamed with a traditional look to add cheer to your festivities.

Spruce up your festive game with a colourful ring.

The Platinum Rope Chain:

The Platinum Rope Chain is the perfect addition to a semi-formal blazer look for a fun night out with friends.

Playful yet chic, the overlay pattern chain is here to stay.

The Platinum Overlay Pattern Chain:

The overlay chain can be worn across a spectrum of colours. Spruce up the look with a festive kurta or bandhgala.

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