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Here are some popular beers from across the world that you must try.

Here are some popular beers from across the world that you must try.

The bubble loaded drink has travelled across the world, where each country has added something unique to the process

Beer is considered to be the first drink that was produced by humans. Sumerians or people living in modern day Iraq were the first ones to produce it around 8000 BCE. And ever since, the bubble loaded drink has travelled across the world, where each country has added something unique to the process. This in turn makes every beer as enticing as the place it is brewed in. Here are some popular beers from across the world that you must try.

  1. Strong BeerThis Indian strong beer by DeVANS Modern Breweries Ltd has 8% ABV, the highest allowed in India. The home-grown strong brew has attained iconic status today among beer guzzlers. With notes of coriander and pale malt, it is made with choicest Indian malts and German bitters. The smooth and refreshing drink is brewed over a long cycle, that lends it the great taste beer lovers swear by. Godfather Legendary is another variant that is equally popular.
  2. An unmatched tasteOriginating from United States, a Budweiser Magnum beer is brewed for 21 days lending it the unmatched taste. It has 6.5% ABV, and this strong beer is another favourite of beer lovers as it has extra ordinary taste and a resplendent packaging of black and gold. With perfect packaging and a unique taste, it is the beer that is a must have in any party.
  3. Creamy Light Belgian BeerOriginating from Belgium, this creamy light Belgian beer has 4.9% ABV, and is traditionally served with a slice of lemon to give it the kick. Though the beer is sweet, it has the right proportion of sour due to flavours like orange peel, coriander, spices and other herbs. The murky appearance of the beer makes it the favourite amongst beer lovers.
  4. All About Coffee Notes And A Malty NoseIreland has lush soil, a cool climate, and plenty of rain. Its typography is good for creating barely, the key ingredient in ale. Guinness was created by Arthur Guinness, who used a family inheritance to build his own brewery. Guinness, a pioneering spirit, has left an indelible influence on Irish culture. Guinness has created a variety of delectable beers, including Guinness Draught. This rich and creamy drink includes coffee notes and a malty nose. It has a 4.2% ABV and is unusually dark with a rich head.
  5. Belgian Style Wheat BeerThe light golden beer is Belgian style wheat beer and brewed in Jammu, India. It is made of wheat, oats, coriander seed, malted barley and bitter orange peels with German hops. With 4.5% ABV, it is available in pints, cans and also in 5 litre Kegs that make it the perfect party accompaniment and gives you the feeling of drinking directly from the tap.
  6. A Hint Of Fruitiness And Well-Balanced BitternessGerard Adriaan Heineken founded Heineken in 1864 in the Netherlands. He bought the Haystack brewery in Amsterdam when he was only 22 years old. In a place where ales and porters were king, he chose to just brew lagers, which paid off in the end. After years of experiments and advancements, Heineken developed their popular brew with a unique ingredient: A-Yeast. This beer was highly exported throughout Europe and was the first imported brew to America during Prohibition. Heineken describes it as a “uncommonly good” lager with a hint of fruitiness and a well-balanced bitterness with a 5% ABV.
  7. A Rich, Smooth FlavourThe Carlsberg business has developed enormously to become a beer legend in Denmark, claiming to have “probably the best beer in the world.” Carlsberg Elephant beer has a 7.2% ABV and is a robust lager. It was made for the first time in 1959, with a heavy emphasis on malts for a rich, smooth flavour. Expect apple, melon, and caramel flavours that are complemented by a dry bitterness. The elephants on the label were inspired by the two life-size elephant statues at the entrance of Carlsberg Group’s Copenhagen location.
  8. Ultra TasteKingfisher is one of the most popular beer brands brewed in India and promises maximum taste. With ABV content between 5 and 8 percent, it is made from finest Pilsen. It is brewed for days together and acquires the Ultra taste that the beer offers. Packaged in black and golden hues it lends the rich golden colour to the beer.
  9. A Slightly Sweet Start and Incredibly Clean FinishSapporo is not only the oldest brewery in Japan, but it is also the most popular. According to the brewery, its flagship Premium Beer, an American-style lager, is also the top-selling Asian beer brand in the United States. With its slightly sweet start and incredibly clean finish, this is most likely the first Japanese beer you’ve ever drank.
  10. Invigorating Citrus UndertonesThe best-selling beer from Mexico is brewed in multiple breweries. The fragrance is fruity-honey with a hint of malt, and the palate is crisp and well-balanced between hops and malt, with a lean towards the malt. Corona is ideally served ice cold and with a wedge of lime, which both enhances and amplifies the flavour with its invigorating citrus undertones.

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